RITE solo exhibition in Galerie 42b, Paris / 14.12.2017 - 27.01.2018


Contact with gallery catherine@42b-creation.com



The RITE exhibition is based on Robert Seikon"s journeys in the past two years, inspired by different parts of our planet: from forsaken nooks and rural landscapes to crowded metropolies,

ambient and dark at times.

During these trips the creative process was vastly influenced by meeting local artists and communities, daily clashes with their reality, various events and discusions.

The paintings prepared for the exhibition are inspired by ceremonies specific to these cultures. Rituals often take shape of formalized acts or symbolic expressions, but can also be detachedfrom

their definition and have purely abstract, magical meaning. Colors and shapes do not necessarily hold any visible meaning or message.

For Seikon his work itself is a form of a ritual. The most significant is being on a journey – starting with the initial phase of preparation, calm and thoughtful, to the multi-hour paintingprocess,

during which the artist induces himself into a deep, trance - like focused state. Such separation from external impulses allows him to quiet down and explore his own interior.

The images that form in the process carry the traces of all these journeys - both literal travels aswell as inner wanderings through the artist"s own experiences and impressions.